SaferWAYS Kids

As parents we do anything to keep our children safe and encourage them to choose the right paths in life. Many of these lessons are re-enforced in education, socialising and general daily life, however, as parents it’s our responsibility to make sure these conversations start (and are nurtured) at home.
However, we may not know where to start, our busy lives make it harder to find time the to talk as a family or we want ideas to make it a fun experience. Personal experience from the SaferWAYS team knows that between working, running a home, fitting in school (and home-schooling!) that our time often gets taken up making sure the day-to-day responsibilities are covered. We want SaferWAYS Kids to be something you can enjoy as a family, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, looking for flags on the beach or practicing the Green Cross Code.

This is where SaferWAYS Kids comes into action.

An online/print subscription service to encourage conversations in households and talk about the topics that matter most to keep our children safe, in an environment that works for you, at a level your child understands. Giving you peace of mind that your children are learning important lessons, while spending quality time as a family to work through them.

How it works?

Each month your child will receive a new pack containing information and challenges focused on a specific safety topic. On their first pack they will receive a Safety Passport to keep track of the challenges they’ve done and what they have learned.

As your child completes their packs, they can place their SaferWAYS sticker into the passport. When they have completed a full passport, you can submit proof of this to us and they will receive a special SaferWAYS bundle and a new passport on their next pack.

Each month there will be individual competitions you can enter to share what you’ve done this month.

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription for SaferWAYS Kids cost £5 a month MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. This includes your postage and the passport in the first pack as well as monthly tasks. As SaferWAYS Kids is part of the SaferWAYS project we will be supporting charities and organisations involved with us through SaferWAYS and SaferWAYS Kids.
Bonus features…

Many of the charities and organisations working with us are at the heart of our communities. They are there when we need help and support the community. We want to make sure that this connection continues to strengthen as well as showing our children the work they do, the roles they have and the stories behind the scenes. Level Up TV will be sharing these stories with exciting regular videos for you to enjoy.