What do you get?

Every month you get a new letter about a different safety topic for you to talk about with your family.

Each topic will have an introduction, facts to learn and tasks to complete to test how much you’ve learnt.

We also have small monthly competitions where you can send in the month’s challenge to stand a chance of winning our SaferWAYS Kids prize of the month.

Every month you have a sticker to place in your safety passport when you’ve completed that month. When you’ve filled your passport (10 months) you can send proof of your passport into the team, and you will receive a special SaferWAYS Kids Bumper Prize and a fresh new passport for your new tasks!

As well as safety topics your SaferWAYS Kids membership will also include fun activities and info from different organisations around the UK that work hard to keep us all safe. These tasks will be full of facts, stories and challenges for your family to see what these charities and organisations do to look after us!

Our monthly tasks are split up into different categories:

Water Safety

Fire Safety

Personal Safety

Online Safety

Beach Safety

Safety at Home

Wildlife Safety

Road Safety

Mental Health and Wellness

Emergency Services Information

Community Safety

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